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3KD is an original roller chain designed to move in three dimensions. 3KD can be used either as a power transmission chain or, together with special braces, as a transport chain. Thanks to the 3KD chain the method of designing a machine can be revolutionized, allowing both designers and technicians to think up and design innovative and technologically advanced plants. The times of two-dimensional power transmissions are over now! A new era awaits you! 3KD is the only chain in the world that can perform all the curves and all the direction changes one whishes to carry out! Starting from one motorization, 3KD makes it possible to build machines which only require one single chain in order to transmit the motion to all the points of the structure which means that angular transmissions, bevel gears or several motors are no more necessary. Furthermore 3KD allows very high speeds (500 m/min), as, in the heart of the link a niche has been made, from which the lubricant, thanks to the centrifugal force, can reach the outside of the chain where the rollers work.

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ELSITEC is a company that produces tensioners, elastic elements, chian/belt tighteners, oscillating mountings, rubber suspension units, antivibration elements, motor bases.

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