BD-E Modular element

From the size 215 to the size 645 the external body and the inner shapes are made of aluminium. In the size 645 the external body has a convex shape. In the size 750 the external body is made of steel instead the inner shapes are made of aluminium. For the coupling with the inner shape You have to used through bolts until 645 size and lateral screws for the 750 type.The feature of this element is the possibility to have a double rotation angle (60°), taking the advantage of the rotation of both the elements.

CE071745 BD-E 215 x 25 

CE071746 BD-E 215 x 40 

CE071747 BD-E 215 x 60 

CE071750 BD-E 318 x 30 

CE071751 BD-E 318 x 50 

CE071752 BD-E 318 x 80 

CE071755 BD-E 427 x 40 

CE071756 BD-E 427 x 60 

CE071757 BD-E 427 x 100 

CE071760 BD-E 538 x 60 

CE071761 BD-E 538 x 80 

CE071762 BD-E 538 x 120 

CE071765 BD-E 645 x 80 

CE071766 BD-E 645 x 100

CE071767 BD-E 645 x 150

CE071770 BD-E 750 x 120 

CE071771 BD-E 750 x 200

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