BH-F - Rubber suspension units

The BH-F elastic elements are very pratical because they don’t need supports for the assembly.The external body and the inner shape are made of aluminium. The external body includes the fixing flanges: this makes more easy the assembly operations.
CE072405 BH-F 215 x 25  
CE072406 BH-F 215 x 40  
CE072407 BH-F 215 x 60 
CE072410 BH-F 318 x 30   
CE072411 BH-F 318 x 50  
CE072412 BH-F 318 x 80 
CE072415 BH-F 427 x 40 
CE072416 BH-F 427 x 60 
CE072417 BH-F 427 x 100  
CE072420 BH-F 538 x 60  
CE072421 BH-F 538 x 80 
CE072422 BH-F 538 x 120 

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About Elsitec

ELSITEC is a company that produces tensioners, elastic elements, chian/belt tighteners, oscillating mountings, rubber suspension units, antivibration elements, motor bases.

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