CO-2B Oscillating element

From the size 215 to 538 the external bodies, the double bodies are made of oven-painted aluminium while the levers are made of oven-painted steel. In the size 645 the external bodies and the levers are made od oven-painted steel, while the double body is made of oven-painted aluminium. The fixing elements (SU brackets) for the CO 645 and CO 750 elements are not included in the article code. The products market by “Δ” and “□” have already the external body in steel welded construction ready for the fixing.This kind of element is suitable to be used as elastic suspension in the vibrating conveyors with free oscillation. The double lever of this article allows to make the suspension more rigid in order to better control the “wobbling” of the vibrating trough during the starts and the stops.

   CE072302 CO-2B 215  

   CE072304 CO-2B 318 

   CE072306 CO-2B 427 

   CE072308 CO-2B 538 

   CE072310 CO-2B 645 

∆ CEA72310 CO-2B 645 P 

   CE072312 CO-2B 750 

∆ CEA72312 CO-2B 750 P 

□ CE072313 CO-2B 750 P/2 

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