FB-H Oscillating element

The external structure and the fixing flanges are made of oven-painted steel. These elastic suspensions are suitable to built vibrating machine at double effect, with a counter mass of compensation and accelerations until 4 g. According the fixing type You can choose the version with all the supports turned to a side (FB-H) or with the central one opposite at the laterals ones (FB-HS). A feature of this application is the presence of two vibrating planes that transport the material in the same direction and that are operated by a connecting crank-rod system.

CE072072 FB-H 318 - CE072087 FB-HS 318

CE072073 FB-H 427 - CE072088 FB-HS 427

CE072074 FB-H 538 - CE072089 FB-HS 538

CE072075 FB-H 645 - CE072090 FB-HS 645

CE072076 FB-H 750 - CE072091 FB-HS 750

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