K: Galvanized steel pinion tightener with national bearing, suitable to tension simplex, duplex or triplex chains which have a speed not higher than 1m/s and operating temperatures lower than 100°C. The kits are provided complete with galvanized bolts and screws.

                     S                  D                  T 

06-K215 CE070812 - CE070850  

06-K318 CE070813 - CE070851 - CE070887 

08-K318 CE070816 - CE070854 

08-K427                                         CE070891 

10-K427 CE070820 - CE070858 - CE070894 

10-K538                                         CE070895

12-K427 CE070823 - CE070861 

12-K538 CE070824 - CE070862 - CE070899 

16-K538 CE070828 - CE070866 

6-K645                                           CE070903 

20-K645 CE070832 - CE070870 - CE070907 

24-K645 CE070836 - CE070874 - CE070911 

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