TB-DU Oscillating elements

The TB-DU elastic elements are used to realize transport system with two-masses oscillation and with device on the counter mass. The vibrating motors, positioned on the counter mass, give to all the system an excitation that is increased by the TB-DU elements to the main mass, that is the sliding trough. All the system has to be hang on elastic elements with own lower frequency, as the CO ones. This solution allows to built vibrating trough with high silent operation and energy saving. Moreover the total isolation of the vibrations allow the arrangement of these troughs on light foundations, metal structures, high floors and wheels.

CE072380 TB-DU 318 

CE072381 TB-DU 427 

CE072382 TB-DU 538 

CE072383 TB-DU 645 

CE072384 TB-DU 750 

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