TB-F Oscillating mountings

In the TB-F 318 and TB-F 427 sizes the external body and the inner shape are made of oven-painted steel. In the TB-F 538, TB-F 645 and TB-F 750 ones the external body is made of steel while the inner shape is in aluminium. Thank to the particular compression ratio of the rubber, this elastic element is suitable in the applications with circular oscillating or elliptic movement, determined by the rotation of an eccentric on a horizontal plane, as for example in the plansichter (both hung and supported).

CE072142 TB-F 318 - CE072152 TB-FS 318 

CE072143 TB-F 427 - CE072153 TB-FS 427 

CE072144 TB-F 538 - CE072154 TB-FS 538 

CE072147 TB-F 540 - CE072157 TB-FS 540 

CE072145 TB-F 645 - CE072155 TB-FS 645 

CE072146 TB-F 750 - CE072156 TB-FS 750 

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