TEN BLOC is an automatic axial chain or belt tightener designed to satisfy the widest market-needs. TEN BLOC consists of a a steel column thrusted by a mechanical spring connected to a box-shaped body made of die-cast aluminum. The column slides inside a bronze ring lodged inside the body. It is possible to mount different types of interface kits onto the column: polyethylene sliding blocks, polyethylene wheels on fork, pinions on fork and zinc plated steel rollers on fork. TEN BLOC can be provided with a preloading system (TB), with a one-directional system (TBB) or with an anti-rotation system (TBA). The box-shaped body can, furthermore, be equipped with an electric travel-end switch that allows to check whether the machine works properly at every moment. In case of excessive chain lengthening or chain breaking the same device activates an acoustic or light signal or, if necessary, stops the plant. Also part of the TEN BLOC product range are the DECA pressure units which can also be used as shock absorbers and decelerators. With DECAs one can obtain different forces of thrust and different travels according to one’s actual needs. The entire TEN BLOC product range makes it possible, on request, to perform special executions such as elements with double slide guide (TBCU) or elements functioning in drag conditions (TBt). TEN BLOC furthermore distinguishes itself for its modularity as it aptly joins several base elements (columns, cylinders, plugs, springs, junctions and bodies) thus enabling one to produce user-defined products which will suit individual needs.

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ELSITEC is a company that produces tensioners, elastic elements, chian/belt tighteners, oscillating mountings, rubber suspension units, antivibration elements, motor bases.

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