FT-H Oscillating element

The external structure and the fixation flanges are made of oven-painted steel. The fixing of these elements is made by the appropriate flages and they can be assembled both in the internal and in the external of the vibrating plane. The flanges can be both deliveried in the same side (FT-H), or opposing (FT-HS). The distance between the centers of these suspensions is fixed and consecuentialy also the dynamic elasticity of the suspension doesn’t change. The assembly angle of the suspensions is normally included between 20° and 30°. The β maximum oscillation angle for the use of these elements is 10° (±5° in the rest position), at which corresponds a maximum oscillation of the sp value present in table, and a maximum excitation frequency equal to fecc.

CE072011 FT-H 215 - CE072026 FT-HS 215

CE072012 FT-H 318 - CE072027 FT-HS 318

CE072013 FT-H 427 - CE072028 FT-HS 427

CE072014 FT-H 538 - CE072029 FT-HS 538

CE072015 FT-H 645 - CE072030 FT-HS 645

CE072016 FT-H 750 - CE072031 FT-HS 750

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