Antivibration elements type E


From the size 215 to the size 645 the fixing clamps are made of oven-painted steel while the double body and the inner shapes are in aluminium. In the size 750 the double body and the fixing clamps are made of oven-painted steel while the inner shape are in aluminium. This elastic element is suitable to support loads in the tree main directions, also in a combined manner.Therefore it is especially suitable to be used as shock absorber to support loads and to insulate the vibrations (fecc>f0), in the field of the medium or low frecuencies. These elastic elements are suitable to realize travel-end buffers.To determine the insulation level of the system, please, see the diagram at page 97.All the elements used on the machine must have the same positioning direction (fig.1 e fig.2) and the direction of the F force on the XY plane have to be positioned along X. It is also possible to use these elements for the wall fixing, having the good sense to position them as shown in figure 3.The lower diagrams show the typical load capacity (bold underlined on the curve) of the E elements, the arrow (h) and the own frecuencies (f0) in Hz.

CE071981 E 215 

CE071982 E 318 

CE071983 E 427 

CE071984 E 538 

CE071985 E 645 

CE071986 E 750 

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