Antivibration elements type H

The external body and the fixing brackets are made of oven-painted steel while the external shape is in aluminium. This elastic element is suitable to support loads in the main tree directions, also in a combined manner.Therefore it is especially suitable to be used as shock absorber to support loads and to insulate the vibrations (fecc>f0). To determine the insulation level of the system, please, see the diagram at page 97. The positioning of the foot has to be in such a way that the F load on the horizontal plane (XY) is applied in the X direction (fig.1); if it is not possible to forsee the prevalent direction of the F load on the vertical plane (XY), we advise to assemble the feet in a symmetric manner, inclined of 45° (fig.2). The lower diagrams show the typical load capacity (bold underlined on the curve) of the H elements, the arrow (h) and the own frecuencies (f0) in Hz.

CE071966 H 215 

CE071967 H 318 

CE071968 H 427 

CE071969 H 538 

CE071970 H 645 

CE071971 H 750 

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