The LE and LEV tensioners have the body of painted steel while the lever, the bolts and screws are made of galvanized steel. A feature of these tighteners is the possibility to have a more precise adjustment, thanks to the screw (T) that is frontal located. The friction between the pin and the lever is anyway higher than the maximum couple given by the rubbers of the tightener and for this reason there is no risk that the lever turns with respect to the pin. The Kits could been assembled both in the “a” position and in the “b” position, but the rotational angle has to be in any case lower than 30° in both the directions.

The LEV type has an additional screw that is used to pre-charge the tensioner and to facilitate the assembling and the regulation operations.

CE070075 LE 111 - CE070076 LEV 111

CE070080 LE 215 - CE070081 LEV 215

CE070085 LE 318 - CE070086 LEV 318

CE070090 LE 427 - CE070091 LEV 427

CE070095 LE 538 - CE070096 LEV 538

CE070100 LE 645 - CE070101 LEV 645

CE070105 LE 750 - CE070106 LEV 750

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