The VE and VEV tighteners are made of painted steel and they are delivered with galvanized steel bolts and screws. This version is suitable for a frontal fixing of the tensioner when the back part of the supporting structure, at which is fixed the same tightener is not reachable; in this case You have to pin one of the four hollows. The Kits could been assembled both in the “a” position and in the “b” position, but the rotation angle has to be in any case lower than 30° in both the directions. The VEV type has an additional screw (V) that is used to pre-charge the tensioner and to facilitate the assembling and the regulation operations.

CE070035 VE 111 - CE070036 VEV 111

CE070040 VE 215 - CE070041 VEV 215

CE070045 VE 318 - CE070046 VEV 318

CE070050 VE 427 - CE070051 VEV 427

CE070055 VE 538 - CE070056 VEV 538

CE070060 VE 645 - CE070061 VEV 645

CE070065 VE 750 - CE070066 VEV 750

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ELSITEC is a company that produces tensioners, elastic elements, chian/belt tighteners, oscillating mountings, rubber suspension units, antivibration elements, motor bases.

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