The SN and SM accessories are made of galvanized steel. These supports allow a further adjustment in the fixing of the tightener. Taking advantage of the lateral slots, You can create a double effect of preload: first using the appropriate screw (*) situated on the body, and then moving the group along the directrix of the slots; allowing in this manner to enlarge the use of the same tightener. The SN supports are fixed at the tensioner by a screw with a countersunk head, while the SM supports are inserted on the body and they don’t need further fixing screws.

CE072325 SN 111 

CE072326 SN 215 

CE072327 SN 318 

CE072328 SN 427 

CE072329 SN 538 

CE072330 SN 645 

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ELSITEC is a company that produces tensioners, elastic elements, chian/belt tighteners, oscillating mountings, rubber suspension units, antivibration elements, motor bases.

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