TB-D Oscillating element

The external body and the fixing flanges are made of oven-painted steel exept for the TB-D 427 and TB-D 538 sizes which have the external body in aluminium but, on demand, also these ones can be realized in steel.

This type of elastic elements is used as suspension in the scrapers and in the vibrating screens, joining by a connecting bar (realized by the customer) two elastic elements, respectively with right and left thread; this allows a speed regulation of the “h” height of the suspentions. In any case the deep of the mesh thread has to be at least 1,5 times the external dimension of the thread.Their main feature is the extreme versatility and the possibility to choose the distance between the centers of the elastic suspensions according to the features of the machine.

CE071891 TB-D 215 - CE071906 TB-DS 215  

CE071892 TB-D 318 - CE071907 TB-DS 318   

CE071893 TB-D 427 - CE071908 TB-DS 427  

CE071894 TB-D 538 - CE071909 TB-DS 538 

CE071895 TB-D 645 - CE071910 TB-DS 645 

CE071896 TB-D 750 - CE071911 TB-DS 750   

CE071897 TB-D 860 - CE071912 TB-DS 860                                        

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