TB-E Oscillating element

In the 215, 318, 645 and 750 sizes the external body is made of oven-painted steel while the inner shape is in aluminium. In the 427 and 538 sizes the external body and the inner shape are made of painted aluminium. In the 860 and 1080 sizes the external body and the inner shape are made of oven-painted steel. For the coupling with the inner square until the 645 size, we advise to use through bolts, while in the bigger sizes the inner square have already thread holes for the coupling with the screws. We advise to use this element in the connecting rod that is present in the movement system of the vibrating plane, with function of elastic torque bearing.

CE071922 TB-E 318 - CE071937 TB-ES 318  

CE071923 TB-E 427 - CE071938 TB-ES 427  

CE071924 TB-E 538 - CE071939 TB-ES 538   

CE071925 TB-E 645 - CE071940 TB-ES 645   

CE071926 TB-E 750 - CE071941 TB-ES 750  

CE071927 TB-E 860 - CE071942 TB-ES 860  

CE071928 TB-E 1080 

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