GI-E Oscillating element

In the sizes from GI-E 215 to GI-E 750 the external structure is made of oven-painted steel while the inner pin is in aluminium. In the 860-1080-1100 sizes the external structure and the inner pin are made of in oven-painted steel. The sizes from GI-E 215 to GI-E 645 have through holes on the pins for the coupling with bolts, while the sizes from GI-E 750 to GI-E 1100 have threaded holes for the coupling with the screws. We advice for both the solutions to use the set 8.8 bolts and screws. The GI-E elastic elements are used to realize circular moviment obtained by an eccentric (crankshaft or flanged vibrating motor). To realize this movement, You have to couple two GI-E joints by a connecting arm in such a way that the two elements are positioned 90° with respect to each other. You can obtain the ground fixing of the machine by the SL brackets.

CE071951 GI-E 215 

CE071952 GI-E 318 

CE071953 GI-E 427 

CE071954 GI-E 538 

CE071955 GI-E 645 

CE071956 GI-E 750 

CE071957 GI-E 860 

CE071958 GI-E 1080 

CE071959 GI-E 1100 

CE071960 GI-E 1100 /F 

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